Decisive uses deep learning to help brands predict how audiences will respond to social images and video.
EMOTIV uses electroencephalography (EEG) to track mental performance, monitor emotions, and control both virtual and physical objects with thoughts.
FEM Inc. engages diverse audiences with Prizma, a platform that powers personalized video experiences using principles of neuroscience.
HYP3R makes it easy for businesses to engage influential customers at specific locations on a personal level, in real time.
imperson is pioneering conversational media using artificial intelligence so fans can message with their favorite movie and TV characters.
Littlstar is a virtual reality and 360 video consumer destination and developer platform.
MakieLab lets kids bring toys to life by building their own customizable 3D-printed toys through creative games and apps.
Open Bionics is transforming children with limb differences into superheroes, creating low-cost, 3D-printed, bionic hands for amputees.
Pundit is talk for mobile & social — the easiest way to create, share, and respond to stories with just your voice.
StatMuse is an interactive platform for sports fans to search, share, and discover sports, powered by simple natural language.