What types of companies are best suited for the Disney Accelerator?

The program is open to all stages, including venture-backed, later-stage technology startups with a vision for making an impact on the future of media and entertainment. Since the Disney Accelerator started in 2014, companies from across the United States, Europe and Asia have participated with technologies as diverse as robotics, artificial intelligence, wearables, messaging and virtual and augmented reality.


When is the program?

The program takes place over the summer and concludes with a Demo Day in October.


Where is the Disney Accelerator?

The Disney Accelerator co-working space is located in greater Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment industry.


What resources and opportunities will be provided during the three months?

The Disney Accelerator provides participating companies with investment capital, access to co-working space at Disney’s creative campus and mentor support and guidance from top Disney executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other notable business leaders from the entertainment and technology communities.


Will the information in my application be treated as confidential?

Your application must include only non-confidential information. Please do not submit any business plans, trade secrets, or “secret sauce.” All information disclosed to us in your application will be considered non-confidential public information. Disney will only treat information as confidential if the information is covered by a formal, written confidentiality agreement signed by Disney prior to disclosure.


Does Disney own the intellectual property (IP) developed by my company during the Disney Accelerator program?

IP developed by a participating company is retained by that company.


Anything else I need to know from a legal perspective?

Your application to the Disney Accelerator program doesn’t create a contract or other relationship between us, other than your agreement to this site’s Terms of Use, and you won’t receive any compensation for your application.